Unit 2: Developing A Marketing Campaign


The marketing mix is a crucial element of a marketing campaign. They need to work seamlessly together if the campaign is to reach it objectives.

C2 Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is also known as the 4p’s and looks at the product, price, place and promotion strategy of a firm. For further information please read the article on the marketing mix.

Product development areas to look at include product: form and function, packaging and branding. For further information please read the article on product strategies.

Pricing strategies, A firm must pick the correct pricing strategy in order to maximise turnover. Some pricing strategies include. penetration, skimming, competition pricing and, cost plus. For further inform please read this article on pricing strategies.

Promotional Mix. The correct promotional mix is crucial if a firm wants to be successful in their marketing campaign. The promotional mix includes  advertising, public relations (PR), sponsorship, use of social and other media, guerilla marketing, personal selling, product placement, digital marketing  and using these promotional techniques to improve the firms, corporate image. For further information please read the following information on promotion.

Place, When promoting a campaign for a  product  distribution plays an important role . A firm must make sure the product is available  for the consumer to buy at that right time and place. For further information please read the following article on distribution.

A service based organisation  must  consider how they will use and possibly promote the other elements of the marketing mix. These include people (staff), process, and physical evidence. This is also known as the service marketing mix. For further information please read the following article on the service marketing.

C3 The Marketing Campaign

Content Of The Marketing Message

The marketing message has to be well thought out and clear. It should support the brand and highlight the unique selling point the firm has. The marketing message has to be targeted at the appropriate audience who will have a positive impact on your sales.

Selection Of An Appropriate Marketing Mix

The marketing mix has to be developed and promoted appropriately. Failure to do so will mean the firm will not reach their objectives.

Selection Of Appropriate Media

The media selected must be appropriate for the target market.  The target market must read the newspapers or watch the TV show which you are using to advertise in. For more information please click here.

Allocation Of The Campaign Budget.

There are a number of different methods that can be used to allocate the campaign budget. These include objective and task method, competitive parity method, percentage of sales approach and the affordable approach for further information please read the following article on marketing budgets

Timelines For The Campaign, (including monitoring)

The timing of the campaign is crucial. If the product or service is seasonal related then you need to make sure everything is in place to take advantage of the timings. For example Christmas products must be ready by October and  promotional campaigns in place by November.

How The Campaign Is To Be Evaluated

There are a number of ways a campaign can be evaluated.  First of all check if you are reaching the sales targets, weekly , monthly and yearly. Secondly what is happening to brand awareness. Is the brand becoming more popular , is awareness increasing. Are consumers recommending your product via mouth or social media?


The marketing mix should help the firm with their campaign and the campaign should be run within budget and should be evaluated to determine whether it is successful or not.

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