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 Marketing opportunities with smartphones

The internet is becoming mobile, that is a fact. Smartphones like Apples iPhone have made access to the internet on the move a reality.

Within the UK according to Nielson research smartphone users increased from 5.6 to 6.2 million in 2009. According to BBC Click online 33% of all mobile sales within the UK 2010 will be from smartphones, this will increase to 40% of sales in 2013.

Many content based websites are now designing websites for smartphones. Users who visit BBC.co.uk are automatically referred to the mobile version of the website.

One of the greatest use of smartphones is for social networking use, especially amongst the young. Firms can tap into this by advertising on social networking sites, or setting up a business profile on social networking sites , on Facebook users can then become ‘fans’ of that particular business.

The iPhone has grabbed the market share for smartphone users and there has been a rush by developers to provide ‘apps’ for users. Banks are taking advantage of this and providing iPhone apps for online banking, increasing their smartphone penetration. Currently various applications are being written for smartphones, and firms are making money developing these applications.

As a marketing medium, it is early days for the smartphone, as penetration and usage increases, we will see opportunities for advertisers to shift some of their advertising spend to smartphones.



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