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AIDA Communication Model

Attention, Interest, Desire Action


AIDA is a communication model used by firms to help them sell their products and services. AIDA is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Each of the AIDA communication model elements are illustrated in the diagram below.

AIDA Communication Model Diagram
The diagram above shows what each of the letters in the AIDA communication model acronym stand for


When a product is launched the first goal is to grab attention. Firms spend millions thinking about how to grab attention for their product. The method used to gain attention will depend on the product, options include sponsorship, hospitality events and large promotion campaigns. If the product is a gadget or technology a firm may decide to showcase it at a technology exhibition for example E3 the annual video game conference show which is visited by journalists and technology industry professionals. If the product is trendy and fashionable the firm may ask a celebrity who will appeal to the target market to endorse it.


Once you have secured people's attention, the next job is to hold their interest. This is done by promoting product features and clearly stating the benefit the product has to offer. The aim at this stage is to provide the customer with information that will move them to the next stage of the process, desire.


The third stage is desire; at this point you want the information (interest) customers have about your product to create a desire to have your product. A unique selling point will help customers desire it over competitor products. If your product is a trend setter, the latest "must have" product, buzz marketing will help create a strong desire.

AIDA Communication Model


The final stage is the purchase action, if a company has been successful with its AIDA strategy then customers will purchase its products. The task at this stage is to help the purchase action by making it as simple as possible. For example by offering a range of payment options and avenues e.g. Credit card, cheque, via high street shops and through the internet.


AIDA communication model can be used as a key component of the marketing mix strategy. Ensure all elements of the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion) will help take consumers through AIDA and result in them purchasing your products.


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