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BTEC Unit 11 Relationship Marketing


Below is a table showing you how Learnmarketing may help you achieve the Pass criteria for BTEC National Diploma In Business, Unit 11 Relationship Marketing. We have also provided links to Edexcel notes for BTEC Unit 11 Relationship Marketing.

Criteria Hints from Edexcel Relevant links
Pass 1 For P1 learners should describe the development of relationship marketing and include much of the content
listed under Reasons for development of relationship marketing
Development of relationship marketing
Pass 2 To achieve P2 learners need to apply relationship marketing to a specific business. This includes
applying the definitions of relationship marketing and concepts such as the 7 Ps, ladder of customer loyalty
and the augmented and total product concept
Service Marketing mix 7p's, Augmented Product , Loyalty Ladder
Pass 3 To achieve P3 learners need to describe the different methods used to attract and retain customers for a selected service or product. This should include aspects of customer service as well as methods, such as loyalty schemes, use of databases, personalised recommendations; where they apply to the selected product Attract and Retain Primary Research Customer Services
Pass 4 For P4 learners must use techniques to identify perceived quality gaps for a selected product or service.
Techniques include Gap analysis, Quality Circles, Benchmarking, Value Chain, Alignment of Value Chains and Fishbone (Ishikawa) Analysis. It is sufficient for learners to use four of these techniques
Quality , Value Chain , Fishbone Analysis , Cost of quality
Pass 5 For P5, learners need to describe how a customer relationship management system is used in a selected organisation. Customer Relationship Management


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