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Google SWOT Analysis 2019


Google was set up by  Larry Page and Sergey Brinin 1998. At that time they were students at Stanford University. Today Google is the largest search engine in the world, with reveues hitting $136bn in 2018 and net income reaching $30bn.


Below is a simple SWOT analysis on Google.


The diagram below provides a simple illustration of an Google SWOT Analysis

Google SWOT analysis diagram


Reputation is being affected as users and governments feel that they do not live up to their social corporate responsibility.  For example not paying enough tax on profit.

Social network site Googe Plus has failed and will face shut down.

Main income is from advertising revenue. This could lead to a problem if advertisers decide to cut back on their costs.








This SWOT Analysis on Google gives you an overview of the current situation that they are in as of 2019.



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