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The Role Of Promotion Within The Marketing Mix



Promotion plays an important role within the marketing mix. Promotion must support the other elements of the marketing mix. Without this support the six remaining elements of the marketing mix would not be fully optimised.

This diagram illustrates that promotion supports the other six elements of the marketing mix.

Promotion Supports The Other Six Elements Of The Marketing Mix

Promotion and Product

Promotions role within the product strategy is to communicate the benefit and unique selling point of the product. Promotion may also focus on the features and packaging that are unique to the product. The aim of promotion is to create a strong enough desire (for the product) to generate a purchase.

Promotion and Price

Promotion may communicate the quality and value of the product. Promotions can also highlight special offers such as buy one get one free (BOGOF), free accessories and discounts.

Promotion and Place

If the product is exclusive and only available in certain stores then the objective of promotion is to inform consumers of where they can purchase the product. Promotion may emphasise that the product can be purchased online, mobile phone or in store.

Promotion and People

Staff can be a competitive advantage especially in the service sector. Virgin Atlantic's Red Hot campaign focused on the quality and style of their employees, whilst UK retailer PC World/Currys focus on the knowledge and training staff have, they even state that sales employees personally use some of the products in their own time.

Promotions and Process

People lead very busy lives. If a firm can improve the buying process for their consumers, it should be promoted. Many retail stores and supermarkets promote click and collect, highlighting in their promotions the ease of doing so. Process may play a big factor in the purchase decision for many customers. Firms should highlight the benefits of their retail processes to customers..

Promotion and Physical Evidence

A restaurant firm may communicate the benefit of its environment, or the ambience it offers to it diners. The physical evidence maybe the competitive advantage. Hotel firms that are 4 or 5 star rated promote the physical evidence of the firm to attract visitors. Online a firm may promote how easy their website is to navigate and buy from, Both these factors are examples of how the physical evidence can be the competitive advantage for a firm and the importance of promoting these factors.


Overall the role of promotion within the marketing mix is to support the firm in promoting their product or service. Consumers need to be aware of key aspects of the product, price, where to purchase or the ease of purchase amongst other elements of the marketing mix. Promotion should convey a message for the rest of the marketing mix.


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