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International Marketing


International Marketing is any marketing which supports business activity, in a country other than the one that the business is located in.

The International Marketing Diagram below

- summarises the reasons why you may want to implement international marketing

- contains a template for an International Marketing Pest Analysis and

- lists the things you should consider before entering International Marketing.

International Marketing Overview Diagram

Definition Of International Marketing

If we refer back to Learn marketing's definition of marketing :

"Marketing is not about providing products or services it is essentially about providing changing benefits to the changing needs and demands of the customer "

International marketing enables businesses to provide benefits (in the form of products and services) to consumers around the world. International marketing activity may be tailored specifically for each country; this is because 'needs and demands' of customers in one country may be different from 'needs and demands' of customers in another country.

International Marketing Benefits And Reasons: Why Go Global?

There are a number or reasons why businesses decide to trade internationally including:


Once a business has decided to enter international markets the next step is to analyse its marketing environment through a PEST analysis. On the next page we explain how to carry out an international marketing PEST analysis.

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