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Internet Marketing Objectives



Every business needs to have objectives which should be SMART. Whether you are an online business or a combined clicks and mortar business, you need to have targets to aim for.

The diagram below lists the digital (internet) objectives of businesses that are online only and firms that have retail shops and trade through the internet as well.

Internet Marketing ObjectivesDiagram

Objects of An Online Business (Clicks Business)

If your business is solely based online your objectives could be:

  1. To inform users of your web presence and the benefits your business offers over its competitors (your USP - Unique Selling Point).
  2. To persuade users to use the services of the firm. This could be done by offering a discount for a limited time.
  3. To make sure the business is listed in most popular search engines and directories (SEO - Search Engine Optimisation).
  4. Keep customers updated about new products and changes to business services.
  5. Make sure that customer have a pleasant website experience by continuously improving the navigation of the site.
  6. To increase market share over a specified period.

Objectives of A Clicks and Mortar Business Which Has An Online Presence Too

If a business has a clicks and mortar strategy their objective maybe:

  1. To reduce costs by moving low profit, repetitive or niche business online.
  2. Customer relationship Management (CRM)by integrating online and offline. For example by offering "click and collect" where customers enjoy the convenience of ordering a product online and picking it up from a local store. Or social media marketing offering in-store discounts to customers following the customers on social media such as Facebook.
  3. That online business will support the overall marketing objectives of the firm. For example by helping to increase market share through the website and social media
  4. To promote both online and offline activities.


Nowadays every business is expected to have a website. Some businesses will trade through their website whilst others, simply use it to provide information about their business. Websites have almost replaced the traditional business card and marketing brochure as they are available 24/7 wherever and whenever customers want. If you do not have a website and SMART internet marketing objectives you are missing out on a wealth of marketing opportunities.


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