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iPAD to S-pad to Microsoft Surface: Tablet Marketing


If we look at the list of Apple products:

Apple is no doubt an innovative company changing the various sectors they operate in. However competitors such as Windows and Android devices are hot on their heels.

Tablets are now more popular than netbooks and laptop computers for many users.For advertisers and developers it is another medium to consider when developing their marketing strategy. Newspapers and magazines have developed their formats so they are now availabe on the tablet. The main battle is between Apples iOS and Googles Android operating system. According to Strategy Analytics in 2013 Apple's tablet market share was at 48.2% down from 68% in 2012. Android has risen from 34.2% to 43.4% in 2013, catching up to Apple. Windows has already gained 7.5% after a late entry into the tablet market.

A report by IDC displays the brand leaders within the tablet market.

Tablet OS market share 2012

Tablet OS Market Share 2013

Apple in quarter 1 2013 still hold 39.6% market share a fall from 58. 1%, however Samsung is making inroads on Apples market share with a 17.9% market share and growing very fast. Microsoft have secured 1.8% share of the market.

Tablet Market Share By Vendor

Tablet Market Share

Technology is a competitive and fast changing market place. By the second quarter of 2016 Tablet sales were suffering a decline in sales. Just as tablets replaced laptops, big screen smartphones and phablets have eaten into the tablet's market share. The challenge for firms is deciding how to ensure that their marketing keeps pace with a fiercely competitive and repaidly chanding market place.


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