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Marketing With Smart Phones


The internet is mobile, that is a fact. Smart phones like Apples iPhone have made access to the internet on the move a reality. Within the UK according to Nielson research smart phone users increased from 5.6 to 6.2 million in 2009. According to BBC Click online 33% of all mobile sales within the UK 2010 will be from smart phones, this will increase to 40% of sales in 2013. Globally in 2011 Partner suggested that 472 million smart phones were sold or 31% of mobile communication device sales. Currently within the UK Androids devices control 47% of the market with Apple holding onto 20.8% this is according to Kantar World Panel Com Tech.

Mobile Specific Websites

Many content based websites are now designing websites for smart phones. Users who visit bbc.co.uk are automatically referred to the mobile version of the website.

Nokia 808

Nokia 808 41 MP camera, now that's smart, WOW!!!

Smart Phone Apps

One of the greatest use of smart phones use to be for social networking use, especially amongst the young. Now with technology changing rapidly, smart phones are being used as HD camcorders, Cameras, GPS devises and portable games machine.

The iPhone has grabbed the market share for Smart Phone users and there has been a rush by developers to provide ‘apps’ for users. Banks are taking advantage of this and providing iPhone apps for online banking, increasing their Smart Phone penetration. Currently various applications are being written for smart phones, and firms are making money developing these applications.

New Smart phones

The mobile phone congress in Barcelona in February 2012 saw the introduction of a number of interesting smart phones. First of all there was the Nokia 808 pure view which boasted a massive 41 mega pixel camera. There was also the first quad core phone introduced by Fujitsu. ASUS have introduced a true Smart Phone , with their Padfone.The phone can be slotted into a tablet so you can charge your phone while using your tablet or access phone features.


As smart phones become more intelligent and larger and as users spend more time using their phones as a mobile PC we are now seeing a real shift of advertising to mobile devices and this trend will continue to grow.


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