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Secondary Research


Secondary research is research already published, and is the cheapest form of research because the data already exists for your acquisition. Secondary research can be split into internal and external research.

Internal Secondary Research

Sources Of Internal Secondary Research

Internally an organisation has access to a wealth of information, which can be a useful tool for decision making for managers. Information available may assist the organisation in discovering why sales are decreasing, why customers are not satisfied, customer usage rates and so on. Sources for internal secondary research include:

Clearly as this information can be generated internally the only cost for the firm is the cost of the time taken by the researcher to collate the data.

External Secondary Research

Sources Of External Secondary Research

On occasions when internal secondary research isn't enough you may need to look at research carried out by others outside the organisation. Sources for external secondary research include:

Limitations Of Secondary Research.

It is easy to find and collect secondary data., however, you need to be aware of the limitations the data may have and the problems that could arise if these limitations are ignored.


The following links take you to websites providing useful research information for the UK such as public surveys:






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