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The manager of LM Ltd is relatively happy with his marketing mix strategy for his various computer product lines. As part of his strategy he plans to have a show room so consumers can see the computers they are to purchase, watch a demonstration and use them themselves. He also plans to offer a 7 day week support line. He is concerned however about his service marketing mix. He knows that within the computer industry it is not just the products consumers will buy into, but also 'other' service elements.



Discuss the importance of a People, Process and Physical Evidence strategy for LM Ltd.



The staff the company employ will clearly need to be trained to high standards. They will need technical knowledge of the product, yet know how to explain these benefits in an easy and understandable way to the customer.Staff therefore will need good communication and listening skills. They should be able to identify what product ranges will be suitable for consumers and have some sort of computer background.



The company will have to be able to dispatch a computer in a reasonable time after a order is placed. An order recieved must immediately be sent to production and after completiton delivered to the consumer premises.

When consumers phone the help line, the company must have enough staff to deal with the calls within a reasonable time. Again staff will need to be trained on how to trouble shoot problems over the phone and have the skills to deal with customers who may loose their patients.

Products that need to be collected and repaired if they become defective over a gurantee period, again will have to run smoothly.

The company should be aware that they will be judged on not just on their tangible products but also the processes that support the pre-sale and after sales service of the company.

Physical Evidence

The show room will clearly have to impress LM Ltd customers. Customers should be able to use display models, have demonstrations and have an adequate number of staff to deal with enquiries. Clearly the show room will have to look 'high tech' and put forward a professional image for the company.



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