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Marketing Definitions Lesson Worksheet

Welcome to marketing lessons from Learnmarketing.net. Our marketing lessons are short worksheets based on topics covered on this site. The lessons are based around a fictional company LM Ltd a PC Manufacturer selling to the consumer market. If you are a marketing lecturer you can print out the lessons and give them to your learners as part of your lesson plan.

Before completing each lesson first read the relevant marketing theory(linked to the topic) the marketing lesson is about. It is best to start the lessons in the order listed in the table on our marketing lessons overview page as the later lessons require a basic marketing knowledge.

Read about Marketing Definitions on Learnmarketing's, marketing theory and articles page.

Marketing Definitions Worksheet Scenario

As the new Marketing Manager for LM Ltd, a newly formed Personal Computer Manufacturer, you plan to give a talk to the rest of the management team about the importance of meeting customer needs for the company in achieving its objectives, and discuss with them what marketing is about.


If you were delivering the speech about the importance of meeting customer needs, what would you cover in your speech? List the things you would cover in the answer section below.

Your Answer (Marketing Definitions and Meeting Customer Needs)

Marketing Definitions Worksheet Example Answer

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