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The personal computer market is very competitive and is influenced by internal and external factors. Some of the uncontrollable factors that influence the personal computer market include political , economical, social and technological factors that can have an impact on the organisations strategy.

For example the anti-competitive lawsuits brought against Microsoft in the USA had an impact on how the company sells and develops its operating system.

Exercise: List below the PEST factors that could influence LM Ltd marketing strategy.

Answers: The list of PEST factors that could affect a firm are endless, below we have provided some examples.


1 Government legislation relating to the manufacture and sale of goods such as health and safety requirements or sales legislation

2 Government taxation policy and its impact on consumers and businesses

3 Regulations affecting imports and exports of goods


1 Inflation rate and its affect on PC sales

2 Interest policy and rates

3 Employment/unemployment levels


1 Buying habits of consumers

2 Amount of time spent on PCs by consumers and businesses

3 Income and spending ability of your target market


1 Rate of technological development in the PC market

2 Impact of technology including the internet and hardware e.g. tablet and smart phones

3 Technological infrastructure such as free wifi and internet broadband availability for householders and businesses



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