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Marketing Brands Through Sound

Using Music and Sounds to Reinforce Brands


When businesses use music and sounds in their promotions one of their objectives is to encourage the listener to associate a particular sound with an organisation so that it can be used to reinforce the brand. Strap lines and brand music can be transferred from TV to radio, the internet and telephone communication.

The diagram below shows some of firms that use sounds to market their brands.

Brand Marketing through music and sounds diagram

Brand Marketing Through Sounds Examples

We know that sound can be part of an organisation’s brand as most people will be able to tell you about a sound associated with a brand. In the UK for example:

Mars "A mars a day helps you work, rest and play"

The mars strap line is memorable because of the music that accompanied it and because it is similar to a nursery rhyme. However would it be as easy to remember without the music?

McDonalds "I'm lovin it"

Music is an integral part of Mcdonalds’ - “I’m lovin it” strap line. The music brings the words to life and helps to conjure happy thoughts. The music accompanying the strap line is as contemporary as the strap line. If you ask a group of people to mention an organisation whose brand identity includes music, McDonalds is likely to be in the top three.

Audi "Vorsprung Durch Technik"

The Audi strap line demonstrates that a memorable spoken strap line doesn’t have to be in the same language understood by the audience. On the TV advert the strap line is written as well as spoken. Even though I have seen the TV advert on many occasions I can repeat the strap line but I can’t spell it fully.

Marks and Spencers "This is not just ____________ This is M & S _________"

The Mark and Spencers strap line is effective because of the voice and tone of the person saying it. As the person delivering the strap line can not be seen the strap line focuses the audience on the food being advertised and Mark and Spencers. The music accompanying the strap line encourages the listener to create the perfect night in which includes food such as Marks and Spencers.

Intel Corporation

Intel use unique music to represent an Intel product. Intel created a unique sound for their brand and then persuaded clients advertising items containing an Intel, product to include the Intel logo and sound in the advert. As the Intel sound doesn't include words it can be incorporated into adverts without taking attention away from the product being advertised.

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