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Marketing Theory

Click on the Marketing Theory link to access simple articles about the latest marketing theory and established principles such as the marketing mix and marketing research. Our articles include examples and a diagram to help you remember the topic.

Force Field Analysis Diagram

Pictured above is a diagram showing Kurt Lewin's Force Field Analysis

Popular Marketing Articles

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Maketing Mix Diagram

Pictured above is a diagram showing the Marketing Mix 4Ps product, price, place and promotion

BTEC Business Courses Guidance And HND Marketing Courses Guidance

In this section there is detailed guidance for BTEC Level 3 Business courses and HND Marketing Principles Units. There is also a link to the guidance documents provided by the exam board Edexcel. Edexcel documents include learning outcomes, grading and assessment criteria and delivery guidance for tutors.

Focus Article : Enterprise Skills

If you use initiative and like to get involved with new ventures then you are an enterprising person or entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship takes place in many areas from technology and music through to cookery and broadcasting. Well know entrepreneurs and enterprising businesses include Virgin Group's Richard Branson, Retailer Philip Green, Google, Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Microsoft's Bill Gates, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and Apple's Steve Jobs. However you don't need to be famous to be an entrepreneur. To set up a new business and be entrepreneurial you have to take on a element of risk; you are risking your time and any assets that you choose to invest in the business. Read the rest of this article or scroll down to learn more about each section of LearnMarketing.net

Marketing Lessons

LearnMarketing Lessons contain short worksheets to help reinforce learning from the topics you have read on LearnMarketing. net. The lessons are suitable for use in the classroom, teachers can print them out for their students to use.

Extended Marketing Mix

Pictured above is a diagram showing each of the 7Ps from the Service Marketing Mix. The service marketing mix is sometimes called the extended marketing mix because it has 3 more elements than the traditional Marketing Mix - People, Process, and Physical Evidence.

Cours De Marketing Française

We have provided popular marketing material in French for marketing students and practitioners who would prefer to read in french. Click on the marketing theory tab and scroll down to the articles written in French.

Nous avons fourni du matériel de marketing populaire en français pour les étudiants en marketing et des praticiens qui préfèrent lire en français. Cliquez sur l'onglet de la théorie du marketing et faites défiler vers le bas pour les articles rédigés en français .

Marketing Quizzes and Marketing Crosswords

LearnMarketing quizzes are a fun way to test marketing knowledge. Click and discover how well you know your marketing. Topics include The Marketing Mix, Market Segmentation, Market Positioning and Marketing Research.

Marketing Powerpoint Presentations

LearnMarketing has a range of PowerPoint Presentations which you can use by yourself or present to a group of people (e.g. students, employees and professionals). Topics covered include The Marketing Mix , Ansoff's Matrix , New Product Development , Market Segmentation , and Marketing Plans .

Presentations screenshot and link

Marketing Glossary

This section provides a useful A-Z glossary of marketing terms from AIDA through to Segmentation and Market Targeting Options.

Popular Marketing Lessons

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Access Marketing Videos on YouTube

LearnMarketing articles have a range of useful YouTube videos. LearnMarketing videos recap and expand on the learning presented in our articles. You can access the relevant video after you've read an article or to access the list of videos click on the LearnMarketing Video Channel link at the top of this page.

Marketing Articles Based On News Events

Focus Article Leicester City FC Premiership win 2016 We explore why English Football Club Leicester City FC's record breaking premiership title is a branding dream come true. Can the club use WIN to generate funds for the club's future?
Focus Article Marketing Analysis of British Home Stores. Learn what sent British Retailer BHS into administration in April 2016, as we explore how it didn't have an effective marketing mix, failed to segment and neglected competitive strategy.
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