BTEC Business Level 3, Unit 2: Developing A Marketing Campaign


BTEC Business Level 3 covers a number of business units including Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. Unit 2 aims to provide learners with the skills and knowledge required to develop a successful marketing campaign. In order to do this Unit 2 explores

In this article we provide guidance on how to fulfil each of the criteria for Unit 2.

A Introduction to the principles and purposes of marketing that underpin the creation of a rationale for a marketing campaign,

A1 The Role Of Marketing

Principles And Purposes Of Marketing

Marketing Aims and Objectives

Types Of Market - Mass And Niche Markets

Depending on their products a firm may decide to aim at a mass market i.e. the largest possible group that may be interested in the product offering or a niche market developing a product which is  small group of customers will be potentially interested in. This link on market targeting should help you further

Market Segmentation

A business cannot be aimed at everyone, market segmentation is about dividing customers into groups that have similar needs and characteristic, the article on segmentation will help further.

Branding, USP, Budgetary Constraints And Specialist Staff

Brands play an important part in marketing and developing a marketing campaign. Brands help create an image of a firm, much like Apple has an image of being innovative and creative. Some brands have a personality, Coca - Cola is seen as the original American Cola Brand, It’s unique selling point is the original flavour that no one can copy.

The larger the organisation the bigger the marketing budget. In 2013 Coca-Cola spent $3.3bn on advertising globally. Not all organisations can afford to spend a huge amount on promotion, sole traders and medium size firms have to use different methods of budget allocation, please the link. Ultimately firms need to employ specialist branding staff that will help them maximise the potential of the brand. in 2004 Lego was fighting to survive, Jorgen Vig Knudstorp was appointed and by 2011 net profits were $700.

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